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Yep I take the SEO side of WordPress seriously, SEO is my business and it doesn’t feel right not to get 100% SEO into a website. I’m very happy with the SEO aspects of Stallion now, I don’t think there’s much more to add SEO wise (maybe ability to manipulate title elements and meta description tags better, but they are minor issues and covered by plugins adequately). Now it’s time to focus on aesthetics and interesting features.

So what you are experiencing in the comments is my attempt to try to educate others to how I understand SEO. In some respects it’s frustrating, the majority of people who would benefit from using Stallion don’t understand enough about SEO to know they’d benefit!

When you have the webmaster forums etc… still advising SEO techniques that are long dead like using meta keywords tags and submitting sites to search engines for example (total waste of time) trying to explain the sidebar headings of my SEO themes for over 5 years have been SEO’d by NOT using H2/H3 headers that even today the vast majority if WordPress themes use as sidebar headings.

Or even though the title of the site (the home page link at the top using the blog name as anchor text) in the header area of a site running Stallion (all my SEO themes) looks the same size on every page, but it’s actually a H1 header on the home page, dated archives and the 404 error page, but on the rest of the site it’s within a span tag (no SEO value in a span tag, it’s SEO neutral) that’s styled to look the same size etc… as the H1 header.

The SEO benefit of this is SEO 101, you only use a H1 header for the SERPs you are targeting on THAT page, the home page is likely to be targeting the title of the site, but the categories and individual posts aren’t, their H1 header should be the name of the category, tag, search results, name of the post/page (which is the case on my SEO themes).

With most WordPress themes you’ll find the H1 header holds the home page link within the header (every page gets the same H1 header) and the title of categories, individual posts etc… use a H2 header. This is basic SEO 101 and was the first things I fixed in the WordPress themes I used when I started using WordPress over 5 years ago.

A WordPress SEO theme that doesn’t achieve these very basic SEO goals (very easy to do) are not WordPress SEO themes.

Now you all feel sorry for me because I’m so misunderstood :-)

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Had a read of the comments on your new site, sounds interesting, not enough info to understand exactly what you have planned.

Are you trying to pull everything together you need to run a successful WordPress site into one package? So rather than just covering autoblogging, everything.

That’s what I’m trying to achieve with Stallion to a degree (not covering absolutely EVERYTHING, that would be a massive project) with the Stallion theme the core that I add to with updates and free plugins (some built directly into Stallion, others recommended) and the best premium plugins for achieving specific things (like WpRobot 3 for autoblogging).

Definitely interested in what you are working on, great to have some feature requests I can add to Stallion in the future to work with what you have planned.


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