Comment on Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review by Mike Johnson.

The big thing I think you get wrapped up in David is perfect On Site SEO. In my experience, the small details you are talking about make up a very small percentage of your actual ranking factors. Authority and Content will take precedence over coding issues or a few links with nofollow anyday.

I have numerous sites ranking well above their competitors because of a good combination of both Authority, Content, and on page/ on site SEO. It doesn’t have to be perfect. If it did, Google would end up having a lot of sites with crap content ranked number #1 ahead of sites with Great content because of this.

Consider the ranking factors and the power of each before worrying too much about a single plugin which uses nofollow. In the big scheme of things these are small factors which matter less (I am not saying they don’t matter at all) then what content and a strong External linking program will do for a site.

Just my 2 cents after seeing the exchange here.