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Thanks for noticing the canonical URL feck up, I’d posted an example canonical URL code in the main Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review article and forgot to add the code tags!!

Should have looked like this in the article:

In this case the main URL is and to avoid SERPs problems it make sense to set the main page as the canonical URL on all the paged comments like so in the head (view source of page 3 of the comments):

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Missed the code tags which meant it rendered within the post as a working canonical URL (though it wasn’t in the head so probably ignored), fixed now. Will have to check I’ve not messed up any SERPs, doesn’t look like it since this article ranks well for Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin SERPs.

Wrote the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review before Stallion 6.1 which meant like other WordPress themes when you add code you want to show as code and not render you have to convert some of the code into their respective character code (change < signs to their character code &lt;) and I used to do the conversion after finishing a post (long post = forgot).

Stallion 6.1 includes functions to convert code within code tags into code as you see above so you don’t have to mess around with converting < signs.

WordPress version number

This is a theme site, people like you and I check the source code to see what version of WordPress a theme is running on. As a side note when I don’t see a WordPress generator output or an obvious indication of WordPress version (can get it from the RSS feed and sometimes it’s attached to loading js/css files) I check file. Anyway, there’s a Stallion setting to disable the WordPress version number, it’s set to disable by default for security reasons for users who let their WordPress sites go out of date. Realistically though it’s not a very strong security feature, won’t stop hackers checking your site for a vulnerability. Just started testing BulletProof Security which improves WordPress security via .htaccess files.

Meta tags

Meta tags are also built into Stallion (some of the WordPress SEO plugins do meta tags better than Stallion), but as they have no ranking value (they don’t increase SERPs) and I’m rubbish at writing compelling ad copy for the meta description tag (no point having one if it doesn’t increase CTR from a Google SERP) I choose to let Google determine the meta description from the content/SERP. There’s no SEO value in having a meta keywords tag, if it was only me using Stallion I’d remove it completely.

There’s over 230 options in Stallion 6.1, heck of a lot of features and core WordPress functions can be turned on/off.


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