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You still don’t get what I mean, if you listen you might make even more money and if I take your earnings on face value I might have something to learn from you about monetizing search engine traffic.

Either you aren’t SEO’ing your domains very well or they are downgraded (or most likely a combination). All because a domain is improving over time does not mean it isn’t carrying a Google penalty, I had a site drop from over 10,000 visitors a day to 2,000, it was a clear penalty, but most people would consider 2,000 visitors a day a successful site (I knew it should do better). Had that site never got it’s great rankings and always stayed around the 2,000 visitor a day mark I’d have not known for sure it was penalized. Based on what you’ve said I suspect many of your autoblogs are downgraded, and if you are making $40K from them a month you are very good at monetising them.

If I’m right there’s not a lot you can do about it (unless it’s only better SEO needed) since a penalized autoblog is highly unlikely to ever have it’s penalty lifted. You don’t hide the affiliate fingerprints like linking to affiliate sites in a very easy to spot way, so maybe you could keep new ones from being downgraded as fast.

You can’t be arguing you have 140 autoblogs and NONE of them have been downgraded? I don’t care how good you are at SEO, hiding thin affiliate content fingerprints, monetizing traffic autoblogs are hated by Google and out of 140 autoblogs some will be downgraded. If you do believe none of your 140 auto blogs are downgraded you are the only autoblogger I’ve talked to not to admit some of their autoblogs are carrying Google penalties.

The visitor numbers I state are accurate (they are estimates, but reasonably accurate).

I don’t only use Awstats for traffic number estimates, for starters I don’t think there’s a way to track multiple sites using Awstats so to get my traffic estimates just through Awstats I’d have to look at stats for 90ish domains and add them altogether manually! I don’t have the time for that.

Awstats doesn’t count bots in with the visitor numbers, an example:

According to Awstats one of my sites received this number of visitors etc… in May.

Unique visitors 47,822
Number of visits 60,872
Pages 123,377
Hits 835,837

Googlebot 92,438
Other bots about 2,000

This is a test autoblog that I started about 10 months ago BTW.

If I used a number from Awstats for traffic I’d be referring to Unique visitors only. So if I say my sites receive between 50,000 and 60,000 unique visitors a day I mean real visitors, not bots. Been doing this long enough to know the difference.

For a quick network estimate I look at AdSense impressions (running on most of my sites) and estimate traffic numbers from that and this estimate does match up with the Awstat figures. With AdSense impressions you know they have to be real visitors (javascript turned on) and with ad blocking software these days could be an under estimate.

Anyway, what really sucks from this conversation is it looks like my ninety odd sites (got around 100 domains with about 90 with sites on) receives around double the traffic your 140 sites receive, but you make several times more money from the traffic than I do (that sucks). Your sites on average receive over 5,000 visitors a month, mine about 16,000 (conservative estimate). I don’t even make all my sites to generate loads of traffic, got one on Roman Festivals, you can imagine how little traffic and money that gets :-) Hmm, number 1 in Google for Rome Festivals and that’s a SERP that could be monetised for travel and I haven’t (had the site years).

Basically if we both take this information on face value (sorry, but a lot of people into Internet marketing lie about their online earnings) I do far better gaining traffic from search engines (traffic per domain 3 times higher) and you do far better converting traffic to cash (that really sucks you get half my traffic and make more money, did I mention that sucks :-) ).

I’ve said many times on my sites about making money online I suck at fully monetising my search engine traffic, I have domains that make no money (jokes site for example currently at around 7,000 visitors a day and makes ZERO money), making money per se doesn’t excite me, I find the challenge of figuring out how to generate lots of traffic from Google far more interesting than just making money (yes, I’m an idiot, but a happy idiot :-) ). I’ll have to take a look at your Auto Blog Blueprint Course when I have some free time see if there’s anything useful I might use.

To reiterate, either your domains aren’t SEO’d very well and/or the autoblogs are downgraded. When you’ve been doing search engine optimization as long as I have (10 years) you know when a site isn’t performing as well as it should and from the sounds of things yours aren’t. Most of my domains aren’t autoblogs or thin affiliate content (little risk of a Google penalty), relative to autoblogs my sites will have a fraction of the content. This means your network of 140 domains compared to my 90 odd domains will have many, many times more content pages indexed in Google (where I have a 50 page 100% unique content site, you have a 1,000+ page duplicate content autoblog). If your sites are reasonably well SEO’d with that amount of content you should be receiving several times more traffic than I do (should be millions of visitors a month). You can’t argue with the SEO logic, a site with 100 pages indexed relative to a site with 1,000 pages index, if everything else is equal the 1,000 page site should have more SERPs.


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