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Outgoing links means any link off a page whether it is to an internal page or an external site (off site links).

Matt Cutt’s wasn’t specifying only off site links because when it comes to PR they are treated the same. Every link off a page whether to an internal page or another site takes 1 equal share of the PageRank (Matt Cutt’s called it PageRank points for simplicity).

If you have a page with 100 links, 50 off site links, 50 internal links, each link receives 1/100th of the PageRank or 1 of 100 PageRank points.

If all the off site links are nofollow the 50 internal links still receive 1/100th of the PageRank each, the 50/100ths of PageRank from the nofollow links is deleted (50% of the PageRank is lost). The same is true if the internal links are all nofollow and the off site links are followed links.

Basically you shouldn’t use nofollow on ANY links it deletes link benefit whether the link is internal or off site.

The Stallion SEO Theme removes almost all nofollow links from WordPress (Talian 05 comes very close as well): the only nofollow links it doesn’t remove are when a commenter adds a fully formed text link within the body of a comment (I delete them manually). The site you are on now uses Stallion 6 and there are ZERO nofollow links on this site. For example the link you added to your author name isn’t actually a link it’s a form button that looks like a text link, acts like a text links (only difference is you can’t right click it and open in new tab/window), but Google etc… doesn’t treat forms as links (no link benefit is passed or lost). All other so called WordPress SEO themes add a rel=”nofollow” attribute to author comment links (it’s part of WordPress core code) which passes no benefit to the authors site, but does delete link benefit.

If you use a WordPress theme other than Stallion 6 or Talian 5 you should delete all URLs added by your commenter’s unless you don’t mind having your link benefit wasted. If you use the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin do not use the nofollow features. I have a replacement plugin at Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin that can stop sections of a WordPress site being indexed in Google without deleting link benefit.


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