Comment on Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review by Mike Johnson.

Once again: No.

The amount of traffic I am talking about when picking a set of Primary Keywords for your Domain is what I am talking about. Not all the traffic. I might have to just give you access to my Auto Blog Blueprint Course for Free because the big picture eludes you because you have a very defined idea of what you believe is the right way to do this. While some of it may work, it is not the only way.

When building an Auto Blog, the first thing I tell my members is that SEO starts when picking you Niche. You can start off with success by picking a Niche set of “Primary Keywords” which are the Identity words for your Blog. You pick this niche based on the the Traffic these Primary Keywords get (my minimums for members are 900-1000 visits per month for the #1 position in Google for those Keywords). We then look at the level of competition in several ways and determine if when using Advanced SEO Techniques alone it is possible to Rank for these Search Terms (Primary Keywords). Then we also look at whether or not those Keywords (the Niche) has the potential for Profitability based on available Affiliate Programs and other factors. Then we move forward to buying our Domain. This is the edited for television version.

The basis for this is that even if you don’t or can’t rank #1 for the Primary Keywords, more than likely you will be able to get on Page #1 because we do use Backlink Building techniques and other Social Media Marketing techniques as well (mostly all automated). With an Auto Blog, it really does not matter. Why? Because we are looking at all the traffic you can gain from the Long Tail traffic your Blog Posts will get because after we Identify our Primary Keywords, we then develop a list of Related Keywords (LSI) from which our Blog Posts will be based on. We use a bunch of other plugins and techniques to take advantage of these Keywords.

The end result: Tons of traffic from multiple search terms with varying degrees of traffic and in the end, one Auto Blog can end up Ranking #1 for a couple hundred Long Tail Search Terms.

The thing you keep saying over and over through your Posts here is that each Blog needs to get thousands and thousands of searches each month to determine success. That is not even close to true. How can you spell success for a site based on traffic when in reality each Search Term in Google and other search engines receive different levels of traffic?

One of my more profitable Auto Blogs only receives approximately 900 visits per month, but the Niche it is focused on is a heavy Buyer Niche which sells Big Ticket items. My visitor to conversion ratio is about 15% and since I make $200 per sale, I average between $1500 and $3000 per month on that Blog alone. It only has 85 posts on it and I only have my auto settings to post to it once every 5 weeks. There are a lot of reasons for this, but mainly because it is a small niche and you need to throttle your Auto Posting accordingly and not just post away like an idiot.

Like I said before, work smarter, not harder.

By doing effective research, you can do this and make a lot of money. I have Auto Blogs which get over 15,000 visitors a month and over 20 Comments per day because I build my sites to look and feel like a Blog, not an Auto Blog.

And what is this 7000 pages indexed thing? I don’t mass post and I tell my members not to mass post. I have another example site I show my members (a unique content blog) which averages 4 posts per month, but because they are targeted and I build a nice amount of backlinks to the site, I make between $4000 and $5000 per month with that site (and no, this is not part of my Auto Blogging Profits stats). You only should post based on your Niche and the amount of available content for the niche. You find this out via always having a Private, No Index, No Follow Test Blog. By throttling how often you post based on content availablility, you keep your quality level high, you Keywords targeted, and your success rate higher.

You seem to have a predefined idea of what auto blogging is and spamming search engines worked a few years ago, it doesn’t anymore.

Once again, I know what downgraded means. I have actually had most of my sites move up in the ranks after Google cleaned things up here with Panda and Farmer. I have had numerous Members post #1 Ranking results for their blogs in my Member Only Forum and this is due to the Advanced SEO and other techniques we use. I have yet to have any Rankings downgraded but for 2 or 3 old junk blogs I had. I don’t think my Blogs would be sitting at #1 for their search terms if they were being downgraded. There is enough competition there that if they were, it would be blatantly obvious, don’t you think?

One last thing. I don’t use Adsense. I have it on a few blogs here and there, but mostly I don’t use it. Why? Targeting. You need ot do the targeting in your Monetization. Why let Google do that for you? They make more money from it then you do and the Adwords Partner gets all the Profits for the sale. As an Affiliate you make a lot more money.

You need to learn a lot about using SEO and Marketing together. What are 80,000 visits a month if you can’t convert the traffic into Profits? I could create a ton of Information style blogs and rake in tons of traffic too if that was my goal, but my goal is to make money.

Plus, you are using AWStats so your traffic numbers are way off anyways. You have been running around here quoting high traffic numbers and most of them are Bot visits. That is probably the number #1 reason why you think you get 70,000 visitors to a single site and it doesn’t convert as high as the traffic would suggest. I always look to get at least 2-3% Conversions on my traffic. if I don’t, then I try to change things up to help boost conversions. It is called Split Testing and yes, you can do it on Auto Blogs, but you actually need to use REAL stats to figure this out.

I keep stats on all my sites and I get a little over 750,000 visitors each month to all my sites. This is a baseline and it goes up and down based on the time of year. It is a 5000+ visitor per month average and each site is different based on the niche. Some do great, others do good, and some do average. It is the nature of Niche SEO Marketing. I don’t need 80,000 visitors a month to make over $40,000 each month because I don’t go after High Competition Niches.

I go after profits.