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You completely missed my point, I asked whether our views of SEO success are different for a reason, I’ve had similar discussions where I’ll be saying that’s not a good result because my measure of SEO success is different to whoever I was discussing SEO with. Your two example sites (and I appreciate they are not your best examples) don’t look like high traffic sites and your last comment seems to suggest I’m right if you are saying an autoblog like those tend to receive around 1,000 visitors a month long term.

If those domains tend to receive around 1,000 visitors a month they are not doing well in the search engines (1,000 visitors a month to a domain with so many indexed pages isn’t a lot of search engine traffic). Remember I am talking search engine optimization only, not conversions, if a site can convert 100 visitors a month into a reasonable amount of cash that’s a good site to own. I do own Google penalised sites that turn a profit.

1,000 visitors a month for a domain with 7,000 plus pages indexed is not doing well SEO wise, I would expect a lot more traffic if it wasn’t downgraded. This is the sort of traffic levels I’ve seen on my test autoblogs (remember I don’t build many autoblogs, not my thing) long term, but they are downgraded in Google (they should be doing much better). I’ve never said the autoblogs I’ve tested receive no traffic, I’ve stated in my autoblog tests long term they are all downgraded (downgraded is not the same as banned, banned would be no traffic from Google). A few thousand visitors a month (which I’m finding isn’t hard to achieve) to an autoblog domain with thousands of indexed pages is a downgraded autoblog in my experience (or a very low traffic niche : higher traffic niche autoblogs tend to be downgraded faster).

So it sounds like many of your autoblogs are downgraded relative to similar sites that aren’t autoblogs. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money from them, if you can convert 1,000 visitors a month to an autoblog and make $500 a month that’s a lot more money than I’ve made from similar levels of traffic on my downgraded autoblogs!

Example affiliate plant store that’s not downgraded yet, most of it’s SERPs are long tail (easy stuff), around 10,000 pages indexed, visitors over the past month almost 70,000, revenue from AdSense around $500, product sales around $750 (commission almost $100).

Example affiliate toy store that’s downgraded, all it’s SERPs are long tail (easy stuff), around 1,000 pages indexed, visitors over the past month ~1,000, revenue from AdSense around $20, product sales around $100 (commission ~$10).

Money wise rubbish to what you say you can make. I will add I don’t create affiliate sites to make money per se (they are not fully monetised, just AdSense and whatever affiliate the content covers), they are testing SEO autoblog concepts.

How much traffic do you think you get over your network of ~140 autoblogs a month to make over $40,000?

If you can on average make $500 on 1,000 visitors you’d only need about 80,000 visitors a month to make your $40,000. I get more traffic than that in two days, but don’t make anywhere near $40,000 from it. The domain you are on now receives around 10,000 visitors a month.

BTW going to move these comments to a new post about autoblogging when I get the time as most of it isn’t about WordPress SEO Plugins it’s related to your Auto Blog Blueprint Course.


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