Comment on Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review by Mike Johnson.


I am sorry but you are way off base on quite a few points here. I had thought previously that you actually knew a little about SEO and Niche SEO Marketing, but it is obvious that you don’t. This is not a slam, but an observation made due to several glaring mistakes you have made in your comments above.

First off, you missed the point on listing those 2 sites entirely. Read my Comments again. These 2 sites are examples of Crap sites that I am not trying to make money with, nor do I do any SEO on them, nor do I actively build backlinks to them. They are test sites I randomly add different things to, but for the most part, neither site has had anything done to it for a very long time.

The point is, that even though these sites are complete and utter crap, they still rank #1 for their chosen Niches and this is the goal of every Auto Blogger. So if you chose to use my Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 system instead of following the bad example of these sites, you could make a ton of money using the Long Tail Keywords these sites would spawn.

You said that these are long tail keyword sites that wouldn’t be good for Auto Blogs.


You said these are in Low and Medium Competition Niches.

Yep. Of course.

You have to understand Niche SEO Marketing to understand this and obviously you do not. With an Auto Blog you want a 2 or 3 keyword domain which is in a Medium to Low Competition Niche that also allows you to create even more Long Tail Keywords from it with the Titles and Contents of your Blog Posts that are automatically generated.

You said these are not good Auto Blog Domains. I say you are flat out crazy. I make over $500 per month from each of these blogs (from Ebay and Amazon, and some and I do nothing with them and they are crap. Imagine if I put even a little effort into them?

When picking a Niche for Auto Blogging, we want Keywords that are Marketable and allow us to publish a medium to large amount of content which uses the Primary and Related Keywords of the Domain. Why would we pick a high competition set of keywords when all we have to do is look at Low and Medium Competition Keywords which also get a median amount of traffic starting at around 900 to 1000 visitors per month and up. That way we can rank in the top 3 results for our chosen keywords and make money right away and in a lot of cases not even have to build many backlinks to succeed and profit. Going for a high competition niche set of keywords is just plain stupid if you want to be able to make a lot of money fast. Sure, you could work on 3-4 sites for several months with a lot of unique content, build a lot of backlinks, and maybe, just maybe you will squeeze out a high competition ranking and make some money, but why would you when you can dominate tons of low competition niches that can get you similar traffic and targeted profits. People who search long tail convert faster than any general single word browser.

It is called, “Work Smarter, not Harder!”

Another problem you have here is you actually use AWStats. Anyone who does Marketing knows that AWStats adds in all types of additional Bot visits which skew your results. For real stats you need to use tools like Clicky or Google Anaylytics which tell you the real story. If you are giving your visitors here to this site AWStats numbers to validate your success than you better take a second look. Good SEO might give you 5000 AWStats visitors a month, but most of those visits are going to be Bot visits from Search Engine Spiders and not real Visitors. This is SEO Marketing 101.

The profits I list here and elsewhere are strictly for my Auto Blogs and I am not adding in my Profits from the sales of the Auto Blog Blueprint, which are actually less than what I make with my Auto Blogs themselves.

I appreciate your Technical SEO knowledge here David, but you have a lot to learn about the actual application of that knowledge.