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The two SERPs examples “Harley Davidson Auctions” and “Nutritional Supplement Reviews” are not what I’d call hard SERPs, especially not for a home page SERP. They are long tail SERPs and so not good example SERPs to show autoblogs do well long term. Even downgraded autoblogs can generate traffic from long tail SERPs.

Looking through the top ten Google results shows:

Harley Davidson Auctions SERP, all ten results are for PR0 and PR1 pages. Only three of the pages are home page results. Not exactly a highly competitive SERP.

Nutritional Supplement Reviews SERP, most of the ten results are for PR2 and less pages. Seven of the pages are home page results, but only two of those appear to specifically targeting the Nutritional Supplement Reviews SERP on the home page. More competition than the Harley Davidson SERP, but not hard SERPs.

These are not hard SERPs with a lot of competition.

The results do suggest those two domains are not banned yet, difficult to say if they are downgraded you really have to look at overall traffic relative to the niche, how many pages indexed etc… relative to overall traffic.

The Harley Davidson domain was a dropped domain and looks like you backdated some of the posts to at least 2006. Looks like it’s around 2 years old (March 2009 maybe)?

The Nutritional Supplement Reviews domain is just over 2 years old.

I’d be much more interested to hear what sort of traffic these two domains pull in considering the Harley Davidson domain has over 1,200 pages indexed and the Nutritional Supplement Reviews domain has over 7,300 pages indexed. If these are well ranked domains they should gain quite a bit of traffic from all that indexed content? The Alexa rankings (which are far from accurate) suggest relatively low traffic numbers for so much indexed content.

Maybe we look on success in a different way. I’m comparing to what I’d expect from the same content if it were unique (not thin content). If you have a 7,000 page site and you’ve worked on backlinks etc… you might expect it to pull in a fair amount of traffic, actual amount is very much dependant on the niche etc… but if it’s under 100 visitors a day it’s probably downgraded in Google. I have a thin computer affiliate store that last month generated 3,000 unique visitors (4,200 visits according to Awstats). That wouldn’t be a bad traffic figure for a small site, but there’s 12,000 pages indexed in Google. It’s generating traffic from the sorts of SERPs you used as examples above. If a sites got thousands of pages of unique content it should be generating thousands of visits a day. Autoblogs have thousands of pages, but they tend not to generate thousands of visitors a day long term because Google downgrades them.

Just to confirm the money you make from your sites, it doesn’t include sales of your Auto Blog Blueprint Course right? Really irritating when Internet marketers show their earnings to sell a product and a lot of the money is from selling the product that’s supposed to make the purchaser the money.


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