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In my experience and many others true autoblogs are banned by Google long term, you are lucky to have one last more than a year.

I don’t consider a site an autoblog if you’ve manually rewritten most of the content or a significant amount of the content is unique.

I’ve got sites with not completely unique content that are doing well, pretty easy to take non-copyright content and reorganise it so it’s not easily recognised as duplicate content: would take a manually review and even then if you add extra value not in the original it seems to be acceptable by Google (important not to infringe copyright). Not easy to automate this process though, so not an autoblog/autopilot solution to generating content (all my sites with that type of content have taken a fair amount of effort to rewrite/reorganise).

Even when you take a unique content site and start autoblogging, it will be penalised in Google long term.

I just can’t see how long term (long term would be 3+ years consistently) anyone can keep an autoblog/autopilot site pulling in reasonable amounts of traffic from Google.

Autoblog/autopiolt would generally mean a site that new content is added on a regular basis (at least hundreds of articles a year) with little to no input from the site owner. For example if you had a site with say 50 unique articles that was ranking OK, if you turn it into an autoblog on autopilot and say a year later it’s at 1,000 articles (950 automatically added, not unique) it’s not going to last long in Google (if it keeps it’s traffic for over a year you’ve done well IME).

Can your Auto Blog Blueprint Course take a 50 unique article site to 1,000 articles on autopilot and keep it ranked well in Google for 3+ years consistently (consistently would be if you took 10 such sites, 7 would still be ranked well 3+ years later)?

If you can’t achieve this you haven’t cracked autoblogging.


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