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I’ve been making sites with automated content before I even knew WordPress existed (over 7 years). Started with Amazon affiliate sites that were true 100% automated using an Amazon store script. Took an hour or two to setup, add some links and pretty much forget about them (made some easy money from them for a few years).

About 5 years ago Google cracked down on thin affiliate sites and my thin affiliate sites were all seriously downgraded in Google (never liked that sort of site so only had 20 of them, let most of them expire).

Since then every year or so I’ll test out new ideas for true auto blogging mainly because I like testing things (auto blogging doesn’t excite me, so won’t get into it in a big way). I’ve tested all sorts of ideas that revolve around keeping thin affiliate footprints to an absolute minimum and no matter what you do, 100% autoblogging does not work long term.

When I say does not work I mean if you take one domain, add a real autoblog to it (where the content is ALL automated) and all you do to that domain is work on backlinks (difficult to automate decent backlinks) and basic maintenance (upgrading WordPress, plugins etc…) medium term that domain will be downgraded in Google. Best I’ve got out of an autoblogged domain before it’s downgraded is about 2 years (and counting), but most are downgraded well before the 2 year mark.

For those into autoblogging in a big way, creating hundreds of autoblogs having an autoblog that makes a profit for a year is a success, but it is a full time job replacing banned domains. So even if you develop a true autoblog strategy it’s not build 100 domains on autopilot and forget about them as the millions poor in, as they are banned they need replacing, new backlinks building etc…

As JP has touched on what you’ve talked about Mike is not autoblogging per se, it’s not automated or on autopilot. You may well use duplicated content, RSS feeds, affiliate data-feeds etc… but you are spending a significant amount of time manipulating that content manually so it’s not recognised as duplicate/thin content. I’ve got a site like that with over 10,000 visitors a day, it’s not and has never been an auto blog.

Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not autoblogging on autopilot, it’s not a setup and forget strategy (which is the definition of auto blog/autopilot). I’d call it making money online with blogs or even making money online with WordPress which it sounds like what your Auto Blog Blueprint Course is about.

BTW Mike I’ve build a WordPress SEO Plugin that achieves the equivalent of noindex (like you get with the popular WordPress SEO Plugins) but it doesn’t waste/delete link benefit, actually redirects the link benefit back to the home page. Will be releasing it for free in June. See Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin for details, hopefully those who are damaging their sites SEO using WordPress SEO Plugins like the Yoast SEO Plugin (awful SEO plugin because of the nofollow and noindex parts!!!) will switch to mine.


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