Comment on Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review by Mike Johnson.

To setup your blogs on Auto, you need to establish a base that Google will recognize as solid Authoritative content when they are initially indexing your site. Google will classify your site and determine a lot about how they will categorize your site, etc., right from the beginning.

Setting up your SEO and linking structures right away will help create a base for the long term profitability of your Blog. Without it, you can go ahead and just post a ton of automated content with any of the Auto Blogging plugins that are out there, but in 2-3 months, your blog will get slapped by Google and you will be done.

2 years ago you could auto blog without a care in the world, now you have to be a little smarter because Google has gotten a whole lot smarter.

Success isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. Telling people they have to work to make money always scares them because most people looking for success online are looking for a get rich quick scheme anyway and there are not too many of them left that actually work.