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What is autoblogging on autopiolt?

Ahh, I’ve been discussing SEO with you with a general belief you were advising standard auto blog techniques. When someone creates an autoblog product and mentions auto blog and autopilot I tend to think they are doing the following.

Register a domain.
Install WordPress
Install an auto blog plugin (WPRobot 3 would be my choice)
Install a handful of plugins to support the site automatically, auto tweeting, auto RSS syndication, auto backlinks sort of stuff.
Generally leave the site alone and work on backlinks and the next autoblog.

That’s standard autoblogging, I take it that;s not what you advise in your Auto Blog Blueprint Course?

I can setup a blog like that in under 2 hours (could get it down to under an hour with a bit more thought and most of that time would be link building) which means I could easily build a few a day (and these would be fully SEO’d autoblogs) IF that’s all I wanted to do. Could build a ‘unique’ (unique settings) autoblog in 30 minutes if I skip the manual link building and relied on RSS syndication backlinks (all auto backlinks).

This autoblogging technique does work IF you build hundreds of blogs this way, but it would make a for a very boring way to make money online especially as you are lucky to have an autoblog that is 100% automated rank well for over a year, so you have to keep replacing the banned ones! Even a banned autoblog should make over 20 cents a day, so an absolute worst case scenario from an auto blog plan like this would be around $70 per domain per year. Less than $10 a year registration, $10 a year hosting and worse case scenario is $50 profit per domain per year. 1,000 autoblogs and you have $50,000 a year profit.

At 2 hours per domain working 8 hours a day you can build this sort of setup in well under a year. These are not pie in the sky numbers and is a worst case scenario for a person with few skills, but the right setup, many autoblogs will earn far more than $50 profit a year, so you can build an autoblog network that makes tens of thousands of dollars a year with far fewer than 1,000 domains, then there’s sub-domains that can make the setup cheaper, but makes it easier for search engines to find all autoblogs under a domain.

I’ve tested the above and it works today, but I have no interest in spending my days autoblogging that way (would make for a really boring life!).

If I were going to use autoblogs as a major part of my make money online strategy I’d do the following.

Set them up as above, but I’d keep the amount of scraped content to a minimum (wouldn’t post 100s of posts per day), a post or two per day per autoblog so I could keep an eye on what’s posted and go in later and edit the content and delete any posts I don’t like. Would also keep an eye on SERPs and further edit/optimise autoblogged content that are ranking so they become unique and won’t be banned long term. If a domain was doing particularly well I’d stop autoblogging and only add relatively unique content (not hard to rewrite affiliate content) so long term the domains though started as autoblogs become ‘normal’ sites.

A site a bit like UK Local and General Election Debate which started as a set of copied political party manifesto pledges (I manually copied them as there wasn’t usable RSS feeds) and when the site started to get popular I added unique search engine optimised posts that generated a lot more interest. In the 2010 UK general election that was one of the top UK political sites, it received so much traffic I had to upgrade dedicated servers three times and it still brought the fastest server the dedicated server company supplied to it’s knees on election day (estimate 1/4 million visitors in one day, lost a lot of log data because the server was running like it was under a DOS attack!).

This is not what I consider autoblogging per se (it’s not very automated), it’s finding ways to start sites off and when they start to rank well take them more seriously.

Is this the sort of make money from blogging techniques you advise in your Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 Course? Would explain why you only have 140 ‘autoblogs’ which is low for a long term dedicated autoblogger who has their autoblogs on true auto pilot.


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