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I deliberately keep my themes clean for SEO reasons, there’s evidence Google is taking the speed of a site loading into account now. If you have a WordPress theme that loads lots of images and scripts (likes lots of non-essential plugins with a lot of database queries) etc… this can serious slow down loading speed.

In Stallion have added the database queries generated by a blog to the footer so the admin can see a quick indication if their setup is wasting resources by using poorly optimised plugins. It’s important not to use wasteful WordPress plugins that slow a site down, especially if you are using autoblog plugins (they are very resource intensive plugins). Had a customer using an autoblog plugin and had it setup to run cron jobs too often along with two automated tagging plugins. His setup was basically crashing his MySQL server (had really high CPU load averages).

Of course conversion is important to making money on a site, but I’d rather have a search engine optimized site generating 1,000 visitors a day with 1% conversion rate than a poorly search engine optimized site with 100 visitors a day and a 2% conversion because the former makes more money. The real goal of course would be a lot of search engine visitors and a high conversion, but No visitors = No conversions, so for me the traffic comes first.

As I said I’m not into auto-blogging but have built a fair number of thin affiliate sites (probably around 50 over the years, have about 15 right now, mostly for testing) and must have sold close to half a million dollars worth of Amazon products by now (no idea how much from other affiliate sources) and because thin affiliate sites tend to be downgraded long term I don’t like building them. The perfect thin content site that sells an affiliate product is one that relatively quickly persuades the visitor to click through to the affiliate site (if it’s a review type site, selling Clickbank products for example, you need some pre selling first to convert well). I find the Talian/Stallion theme look works well for this, but not too well it’s obvious the sites are thin affiliate (lost count the comments and emails I get asking about ordering like the sites are eccomerce sites). Visitors are even sharing images from thin affiliate stores (I always self host affiliate images) on Facebook which is hard to achieve with normal eccomerce sites. For example have a thin affiliate gardening store which currently receives up to 2,000 visitors a day (it’s spring) and I’m getting emails about ordering!

Most of my sites are not affiliate or autoblogs, some get a fair amount of traffic and generate a lot of user comments.


WordPress SEO Themes — AdSense Templates : 1,000 comments
Stallion WordPress SEO Theme : 250 comments
Conspiracy Theories and Hoaxes : 1,500 comments
Funny Jokes : 27,000 comments
Make Money Online Guide : 600 comments
UK Local and General Election Debate : 7,000 comments

If the Talian/Stallion theme look is so of putting why so many comments?

Of your 140 sites can you show any with more real user interactivity? WPRobot 3 re-posting YouTube comments aren’t real user comments.

BTW the SEO Super Comments plugin has nothing whatsoever to do with gaming a search engine. What exactly is deceiving about having a comment like this one have it’s own page? It’s good SEO and use of content the site owner didn’t have to create themselves if it’s a user comment. If you run a WordPress blog with a lot of comments without this plugin that content is pretty much going to waste search engine traffic wise. Check this SERP in Google “Know 2011 Auto Blogging” it’s part of the comment title you used on a comment above. Not a real traffic SERP, but shows the potential. Using the SEO Super Comments plugin in combination with the title Comment plugin makes writing comments more worthwhile, the comments can gain search engine traffic.


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