Comment on Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review by Mike Johnson.

That is right, I do not have the SEO Super Comments plugin as one of my base recommended plugins. I do have a list of enhancement plugins for my members and this plugin is one of them. I try to stay away from any plugin like this now which basically says to Google that I am trying to game the system. I am not saying it doesn’t work at all. I have it running on around 20 blogs, but I don’t consider it to be essential.

I do things a lot different now that Google has changed the playing field. I do agree that Titles are one of the single most important items in onpage SEO. I rewrite a ton of Titles on my Auto Blogs by hand in a lot of cases. I also go over this in my new SEO course for Blogs I am releasing shortly.

The reason I called your Themes auto blog themes is based on exactly what you said. Thousands of Auto Bloggers thought they would be great for Auto Blogging too, right?

Your Themes reminds me of the old X-Site Pro sites. The just look plain and generic to me because they are built for SEO, they just aren’t appealing to me personally. I used themes that looked just like this for over 2 years building Adsense sites.

Now, I tell my members to use themes that are appealing to users and look like “most” top end blogs do. Aesthetics mean a lot when it comes to your blog’s bounce rate. You can have the best content in the world, but your visitors need to be pleased by what they see as well. Return visits are a big part of this as well. If you are reading this, think of how many sites you have hit the back button on just because of how they looked. I know I have and still do it all the time.

That is why I recommend themes like Catalyst, Headway, and my own ABB Flex Theme. Because they are flexible and you create any kind of appearance for your Blog that you want or you can even recreate blogs you like.

SEO means nothing if you can’t convert.