The Complete Guide to E-Mail Marketing (Part 1)

This article will provide a complete guide to a successful e-mail marketing campaign and will cover, why it is important, the CAN-SPAN ACT of 2003, what e-mail marketing software to choose, how to not get blacklisted and taking your e-mail marketing further.

Why is E-Mail Marketing Important?

Two words, “it works”. For ourselves here at East Midlands IT we were very sceptical as to how effective e-mail marketing really is. We knew what we did with marketing e-mails and we just assumed that everyone else did the same and trashed them.

E-Mail Marketing can be a very cost effective and profitable means of advertising if you go about it the right way, you can reach 1000s of potential customers in a few hours at next to no cost, if you have your own e-mail server then after you have purchased your mailing lists you may never have to spend money on e-mail marketing again yet continue to reach 1000s of potential customers.

If you want some statistics then every dollar spent on e-mail marketing returned around $43.62 in 2009 according to the Direct Marketing Association, with many of these statistics only organic SEO beats e-mail marketing.

Another issue that was originally preventing us from trying e-mail marketing was that we were unsure as to how “legal” it is. E-Mail marketing done correctly and in accordance of the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 is a legal, safe and a profitable venture.

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