Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Web 2 by Ron Floyd.

WordPress SEO Theme Web 2I am a complete newbie to WordPress. I have built a simple HTML/CSS website, but obviously have a long way to go (at

I am wanting to build a blog site, but I want to keep it simple. My vision is a 3-column site with few graphics. Left column for AdSense. Middle column for content, with maybe a small AdSense between content and comments. Right column for category list,article list, Links list and Meta content (and maybe a small Adsense.)

As a complete newbie (read me as an idiot on this subject) to WP, it seems that the Web 2 with AdSense and SEO might be a good place to start. With my lack of expertise, do you think it would be possible to modify this theme to do what I want? Or, do you have one similar to my needs?

I don’t know enough to even ask the right questions, so I apoligize for that lacking.

If you have the time, you can check a post I made on the WP forum that explains what I want to do, and my questions about that subject at:

I don’t mind spending the $15-$20 for one of your themes, but if I would not even know where to start, it would be pointless. I realize that it is not your place to consult your readers on WP use, but I am hoping that you can tell me whether I should just use a WP default theme while I am learning how to use more complex themes.

Thanks - any advice would be appreciated,