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Understand now. That’s the meta description for the Categories, the Categories admin description setting is for the Category menu links title attribute I spoke about above, so isn’t used as a meta description.

Since WordPress doesn’t have a built in way to add a unique meta description I used the name of the Category and the general Blog description for this meta tag.

The raquo is the code for the two >> like sign and is built into WordPress (you can’t easily remove it at theme level, probably a way, never tired). You can see the >> in the title element (title tag) of Categories and blog posts/pages as well. Basically it’s a built in separator as the usual title element format is-

Blog Name >> Post Name
Blog Name >> Category Name

Since the meta description is not used by the major search engines for ranking purposes it’s not important what you put here beyond as (probably discussed above) Google will sometimes use the meta description as the snippet of text for a search result, (might increase your click thru rate a little if it reads well) but it does not increase rankings.

Without using WordPress plugins you can’t add a custom meta description and I personally wouldn’t use my time using a plugin and creating unique meta descriptions to this level as they have so little value.

You know I charge at least £250 a month retainer fee to my SEO clients for support questions like this :)

David Law

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WordPress 3 Theme Blix with Targeted AdSense and SEO Optimization
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Find this code:

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I thought I’d explained this above, but

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