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Hi Nissim,

It’s not a straight forward load one file change this code and you get different ads, but if you are OK with editing HTML coding it’s not that hard (multiple files to edit).

Lets say you wanted to remove the bottom AdSense ad unit on every page and replace it with an ad from eBay or Amazon. You’d need to load the relevant template files in a text editor, find the relevant code that creates the bottom AdSense ad unit and change it to your code.

Fortunately I labeled all the AdSense ad units within the templates so if you have a text editor (like Crimson editor, what I use) you can do a multiple file search for the text

AdSense Code Start

This will find all the code related to the ad units within the template files.

It’s the code between AdSense Code Start and AdSense Code End

For me it would take about 10 minutes to make these sorts of changes depending on exactly what I wanted to achieve (I don’t make this sort of change for customers before someone asks :) ) since I know where everything is, for someone with OK HTML skills maybe an hour to change all the bottom ad units to say Amazon ads.

Personally rather than replace the AdSense ad units I’d add the extra ads as well and then use the adsense.php file to turn off the AdSense ads I don’t want (instructions in the adsense.php file how to turn ads off). This way it will make it easier to put AdSense ads back in the theme if required.

If you want the AdSense ads AND add other ads (so both run at the same time) you’d do this like with any WordPress theme, decide where you want the ads and find the code where that place is and add the new ad code.

Regarding changing background colours etc… This theme is like any other WordPress theme in that most of the themes colour scheme is controlled through the css files which you can edit through the online WordPress theme editor or offline in a text editor. As long as you understand a little CSS coding and when a colour is due to an image don’t mind loading up something like Paintshop Pro, changing a colour scheme is possible.

That’s exactly what I did here with the Talian theme. A few changes to the style.css file and a few images edited to get a slightly different look.

David Law

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