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Thanks again David! I think I am pushing WordPress to the limit - my site may be better served by a total CMS system like Joomla but this WordPress system is so easy and intuitive to use, I’ll stick with it.

I really appreciatte your SEO FREE consultation! :-)
But more than just giving free advice, you are helping folks like me get a real solid understanding of WordPress and SEO.
I am using your advice! It is very valuable. When we set up a site we have to take any measure to avoid Google pitfalls. Like you say they are not perfect and sometimes they make global updates like a couple months ago when many bloggers websites fell from front page rankings into the basement. If we pay attention to good SEO advice and do not use Black Hat methods, our websites should continue to rank high on Google and other search engines.

Thanks again. (had me worried there when I read the first line of this post) I think I have most of my bug testing done now though! :-)

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