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Glad you got the update OK.

If you already have the Talian with AdSense/SEO theme installed you copy the new files over the old. Don’t forget to add your AdSense pub code to the new adsense.php file.

This will remove any changes you’ve made, so if there are important changes you’ll need to re add them to the new files.

For this reason you should always make a backup of your old files first, if something goes wrong you can at least reupload the old files and get your site back to where it was before the update.

Since you got your theme quite recently there won’t be a lot, if any important changes to the theme. About the biggest fix is the child Pages problem which you pointed out above.

Rest of the changes are updating depreciated code that won’t have any negative effect on your site, just means like the categorized links feature didn’t work any new features WordPress brings in by default might not work right away with the old depreciated code (quite grateful the categorized links code didn’t work with the old category code, it’s ugly).

So far it’s just the Category code that resulted in a feature not working and I updated quite a bit of depreciated code from WordPress 1.5 and earlier.

If you aren’t sure if it’s worth updating you could rename the updated theme folder offline and upload the new theme to test.

For example you could change the new folder to /talian-adsense-seo-03-new/ and upload.

You’ll then have two Talian themes listed on your themes page, to distinguish between them you could either hover over and read the URL of the files (look for new to know it’s the new one) or edit the style.css file in the new folder and change

Theme Name: Talian AdSense Targeted + SEO

to something like

Theme Name: Talian AdSense Targeted + SEO New

Then you can easily tell which is which.

This way you can directly compare what you have now to what the update looks like without loosing your customizations.

For others not sure what to do:
When I updated Talian for this site it made no changes to how this site works. If you have child Pages and haven’t used the code fix above the update will fix that problem (this site has no child Pages).

If you’re AdSense ad units have a green border around them you are using the Talian with AdSense/SEO from last year and the update will make your ad units look like what you see on this site (no border). If you want this ad unit look, but have made lots of code changes and don’t want to loose them you could use the adsense.php file from the update and just change the pub id code to yours.

On some of my sites like I had to edit 8 of the theme files to get the customization seen, from removing the dates of posts on all the files that use post content to adding the code for my youngest sons art work on the menu.

Can be a real pain keeping everything up to date and customized!

David Law

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