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Hey Clayton,

Pasted a couple of PHP codes above and WordPress deleted them, sometimes you can post PHP and sometimes you can’t!! Removed the PHP part so fixed now.

With Google analytics you paste the code in the footer.php file above the /body tag.

The Blogroll links question, in WordPress 2.1 the option to add Categorised links was introduced. I tired to add this to my themes, but it caused some issues on my sites that I’m sure others will have, so decided to stick with the old coding that listed all links.

If you want to take a try at it you want to use the function

wp_list_bookmarks in place of get_links

Edit functions.php (widget users) or left_sidebar.php (non widget users)

get_links(-1, ”, ”, ‘ - ‘);

replace with something like this-


That will give the same result as you have now (no categories), so if you make a mistake or hate the category version, but you want the updated code that’s your start point.

To add categories there’s a list of options at

The problem I found was because WordPress automatically assigns old links to the default link category, on this site it’s called “AdSense Blogspot Templates” and then uses that category name as a heading for those links you get a second heading under Blogroll and Links that doesn’t look very good.

Mine looked like this-

Blogroll N Links
AdSense Blogspot Templates
My blogroll links

rest of menu.

And if you add multiple link categories you’ll get something like this-

Blogroll N Links
AdSense Blogspot Templates
My blogroll links
Another Link Heading
More blogroll links

Which I think looks a mess!

This will be a problem for everyone who used WordPress pre 2.1! Nice feature to be able to add categorised links if you have a large blogroll, but causes a mess at first so didn’t add this to the code. I will replace the old coding with the non categorised code I posted above, just in case WordPress ever stops backwards compatibility with it’s depreciated code (unlikely, but you never know) and to make it easier to add this feature for those with BIG blogrolls.

David Law

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