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Thank you again David.

I will hold off on the sitemap as you suggest. Like you mention, the categories alone should be adequate for a sitemap.

1) I think the code you were going to paste into your answer above was left out. I found the code in the theme editor under “theme functions” and I found the section of code and changed the 1 to a 9 just to see if it would work but that was a no go. :-)

2) Is it possible to have parent child links in the “Blogroll N Links” section?
I added a category in the Links (hiking stores) and made a child link but the link showed as usual with no category showing. This is not too much of a problem though, it would be real nice if we could put a category in the Blogroll N Links.

3) And finnally, where should I place my google analytics code? - may be another part of an update eh? :-)

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