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Hi Clayton,

The travel site (I own it BTW) uses the Talian theme with one minor change, the “Travel Adventure Deals” menu item (on the right) is a hand coded form Widget for for a travel affiliate I’m signed up to (make no money from it though!).

Everything else is the Talian with AdSense/SEO theme out the box, so you won’t have a problem putting the menu ad where you want it as long as you use widgets (not hard to learn).

The left and right menus are arranged differently to this site by using the WordPress built in Widget page: found on your Dashboard under Appearance/Widgets.

All my themes are fully widget compatible, if you’ve not used widgets you really should take a crack at them because it allows you to only add the menu items you want and use and in what ever order you like.

For example if you don’t use Tags or Pages (no About page for example, I rarely keep the about page) on your blog there’s no point having the Tag and Pages menu items since they’ll be empty and look out of place, so you use the widget page to only add the ones you use and leave the rest out.

This is why on the Google AdSense Templates site (this site) the menu AdSense ad unit is on the right and on the travel site it’s on the left.

This site is about selling AdSense themes and so I want visitors to see the Test a Theme links far more than I want them to click a Google ad.

When I rebuilt the themes for selling I worked on the principle most customers want to make money from their blogs, but in general they aren’t creating Made For AdSense (MFA) sites (site made only to make money from AdSense), so sites like this one.

The opposite is true for the travel site, since the travel site is 100% information pages, an MFA site that I want visitors to click the AdSense ads as soon as possible and having the menu ad on the top left results in a higher CTR, but it doesn’t look as good (ad cluttered).

Basically because I sell something on this site I want visitors to click the ads as a secondary option, but on the travel sites it exists for visitors to click the ads. On this site I also have to take into account I want to show potential customers what their sites will look like, so I’ve gone with a slightly cluttered ad look, but the ads on the right menu not left.

You can see from other sites I run Talian on the menus are varied due to using widgets-

On most sites I put the menu ad where I think the majority of visitors will accept them without thinking the site looks like it’s only there for AdSense. All depends on the site.

So a site where you have a lot of loyal readers you don’t want to use the setup I have on the travel site! On the other hand if like the travel site 99% of the traffic each day is new visitors from search engines and there’s not really any loyalty to your site, little point worrying about what a visitor will think long term.

Good thing is because of widgets you can set the menu ad anywhere on the menus (or not have one at all), you can also change the size and colours of the ads via the adsense.php file as well, so if you have a lot of very loyal readers who might be irritated by a lot of big ads, you can make them smaller very easily.

David Law

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