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I’ve not had any rss feed problems with the themes.

Unfortunately the way the themes have to be setup so anyone can use them (all AdSense options are held within one file) means it’s not possible to add individual channels, at least not to the ad level, so you can’t track the sidebar ads or the top content ads.

That being said you don’t need channel tracking via the themes to track AdSense domain wide (or even page wise) since there’s the URL channels which can be used to achieve your needs.

Another commenter asked about this and I explained how URL channels work in my last comment above.

As you can see you can pretty much track anything via URL channels. Also using URL channels requires NO theme editing, you setup a URL channel under your Google AdSense account, so no setting up specific ad codes within the theme.

Editing AdSense options.

There’s an extra page included with the themes, adsense.php which you edit all the AdSense settings (ad size, colours etc…).

So if you want a top content ad that’s 468 x 60 instead of the default you edit that one file (full easy to follow instructions included).

There’s only one tiny edit required to make it work for you, change my AdSense publisher ID for yours within adsense.php and your good to go. All other edits are optional.

Editing the sidebar is no different to editing the sidebar of any other theme, if you’ve done it before you shouldn’t have any problems. I try to keep my code clean, so hopefully will be straight forward.

If you use widgets be aware you don’t edit the sidebar.php file but the functions.php file (this is true of all widget themes). If your having trouble creating a sidebar item best bet is to copy a current widget within the functions.php file and edit it to your needs.

I get asked this sort of stuff all the time from customers, yesterday for example someone asked me by email how to use the excerpt function (this gives the short summary of a post) as their meta description: currently I use the title of the site and the site description which isn’t ideal, so using the excerpt would be an improvement.

After a couple of emails I solved the problem using the rss version of the excerpt function and not only did this solve the customers needs, but also resulted in a better way to generate the meta description for the themes (will be updating the themes after full testing). Will then send out a free update to all past customers.

So if you run into a problem drop a comment or email and if I know the answer I’ll try to help (love solving problems, especially if it improves the themes). I prefer comments as means others get to read solutions to problems as well.

David Law

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