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My first question is in relation to google adsense. First, with more than one website, I want to utilise my google channels to see whats working. Is it easy to add my own google codes to related files, just so long as I select the same dimensions for the google ad?

Also is it easy to add my ‘extras’ such as mybloglog etc to the sidebar code without creating lots of XHTML errors?

Think of me as a newbie who doesn’t have a clue about PHP coding. Keep it simple! When editing the sidebar text, if I saw ‘enter your html / javascript codes below’ I’d know it probably wouldnt cause viewing problems I did’nt know how to fix.

My site:

I run wordpress 2.7 & my current theme (my second) messes up access to my RSS / comments Feeds. After 5 days I’ve had enough of waiting for a solution. Now my angle is ‘you get what you pay for’. Happy to pay your modest fee if the above conditions are met. I’m UK based & can discuss by mobile if easier, just use the email provided.

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