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WordPress SEO Theme Talian 5 with AdSense AdsWhen I first read the comment (via email) thought it was for the Stallion Theme which has a Talian colour scheme and the 3 column layout and answered the question for Stallion, Doh!

As you’ll read below it’s not easy for Stallion which has multiple column layouts (Talian has one layout) which gives many more starting points for customization. Not sure how you’d achieve what you want with Talian, but since I wrote the comment (in a text editor, keep an offline copy of everything I write) before realising it was for Talian I’ve included it below.

Stallion Theme Staggered 3 Column WordPress Layout

Think I understand your layout idea, that would be a difficult layout to code.

If you understand CSS really well I’d make a starting point with one of the left sidebar layouts (200 px for example) and using some interesting CSS coding have one of the two sidebars (both left and right sidebars exist in all layouts) float on the right over the main content X pixels from the top and add a ‘CSS square’ on the right within the main content so main content doesn’t go under the sidebar (think that’s possible).

So the right side of the screen would be main content and using CSS have a square that doesn’t load content and over that blank square float/position (using CSS) one of the sidebars.

I think I could code this, but would take me a few hours to get right, it’s a tricky one. Wouldn’t be possible to provide code examples to point you in the right direction, I’d have to research how to do some of the above (reasonably sure it’s possible :-) ).

I would consider adding it to Stallion, but I think it would not work in all possible Stallion setups so would mean it would only work under some situations, can’t add a layout that won’t work with all settings.

Interesting idea for a layout.

If you just want the 728px wide AdSense ad there’s the ad area that’s below the header area.

Under Stallion AdSense Options

Movable Content Ad Unit - set to - Below Navigation links

This will put an ad between the top navigation links and main content.


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