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There’s no options page for changing font colours in Talian 5 except for changing the colour of the ads.

Unfortunately the tags code doesn’t have a default CSS class associated with them (many WordPress generated links do) so you’d either have to change the colour of all links or edit the template files to put the tags within a CSS class so you can add some CSS to the CSS file to set the colour of anchor text etc… In Stallion 6 I’ll put a class around the tags code to make it easier.

Right now the tag links anchor text inherit the font colours from the themes CSS files, so you’d have to edit either the style.css file or better yet the css file for the colour scheme you are using. Guess you don’t want to change the colour of every link in the main content.

After I release Stallion 6 you’ll be able to add a little CSS to a style sheet and change the tags anchor text only. For Talian 5 it would involve editing around a dozen files.


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Check your WordPress Permalinks Settings and the .htaccess file that’s crated by those settings. Looks like you’ve either made a mistake on the Permalinks settings page and/or on the .htaccess

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The banners with the Talian 5 theme are mostly copyright my wife (probably about 90% are created by my wife from her photographs: she’s an amateur photographer).

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It’s not easy to add a logo to Talian 5 and something that would take significant code work (edit the header.php file).

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