Comment posted to WordPress SEO Theme Talian 05 with AdSense/Clickbank Ads by Ralph G.

Hello David,

A friend suggested I get this 05 theme for it’s ease in working with Clickbank/ Adsense as well as for SEO.

David, I’m a Rookie, with a capitol ‘R’. I did as much as I could, but got stuck on the widgets area of the theme.

I came here and read up on it, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of the tutorial(I’ve a lot to learn, no doubt about it.)

The question then, is can you direct me to where I can learn the minimum of what I need to know about that widget page? With the GAT this and that, and everything else, I’m kind of lost. Or where I can learn the prerequisites the I need?

I’m sorry- I know it must pain you to even think about trying to explain things to someone at my level, but please, can you take a shot at it?

Thanks in advance…Ralph G