Comment posted to WordPress SEO Theme Talian 05 with AdSense/Clickbank Ads by Gabor.

Hi David,

I would like to ask your help about URL cloaking. I’m having hard time to find a decent URL cloak software or URL redirection
Recently bought “Banner Cloaker Pro” but when I installed it can’t activate it as it says “There is no valid header for this plugin. I also found:

but they are 200$, which not what I want to pay for a URL cloaking software. I also tried, but it’s crap as they put their own sales page on your redirected URL, you have to refresh the page 2-3 times to get your page up. I’m sure your customers won’t wait to keep refreshing the page, they just go away.
I want to ask you what kind of Cloaking plugin you use which works best with Thalian 05 or what would you recommend?

Thank you for your help!

Regards, Gabor