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Regarding testing Talian, I currently don’t have an option to send out review copies.

I plan to sell Talian via Clickbank soon, at that point I’m sure I won’t have any problems gaining plenty of Talian theme reviews :-)

Note: anyone into selling Clickbank products just got a heads up on a planned Clickbank product release that converts well. One site sent me non affiliate traffic (they made nothing from the sales) and it converted at around 10% (I was surprised it was that high).

The price of Talian will be going up a bit after it goes Clickbank and will be in USD$. Not sure what to set the price and the affiliate percentage at yet (I know most affiliates want 50%). Currently Talian is priced very low for what it does (just over $40) but then I get it all, similar Clickbank products that aren’t as good are priced significantly higher.

Would be very interested in feedback on both the price as a Clickbank product and the affiliate percentage?

I’ve run Talian as a bit of fun just on organic search engine traffic, not part of my SEO business, but recently had my eyes opened to it’s money making potential as an affiliate product (sold over 500 copies of Talian in three weeks due to one recommendation from an Internet Marketer!).


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