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Although this isn’t your problem, with the Talian theme if you add a lot of AdSense and Clickbank ads (and in the next update hopefully more ad systems like Chitika) each ad unit requires accessing that ad systems server. So an AdSense ad connects to a Google AdSense server, Clickbank connects to the Clickbank server and so on.

The AdSense server is really fast for example, but it’s still multiple connections to a different server and these take time which can result in the slow loading of a page, especially if you have a lot of ads, images, YouTube videos (that’s embedded content, connecting to the YouTube server) etc… More items loaded on a page longer it takes to load.

With autoblogs this can be a particular problem with the archive pages (like the home page) as you might have 10+ YouTube videos or images embedded into the archived posts and if one of the sources of that content is running slow (YouTube for example, that runs slow all the time) it will slow you sites loading down.

If the page on your site that’s loading hits a server with an issue your page will load relatively slowly, it’s all the content it’s try to grab from different sources.

This isn’t your problem per se, but it’s kind of related. On the site that’s loading slowly you have 5 javascripts loading (looks like they are loaded in the sidebar as well).

If you view source of the home page and look near the bottom for:

script type='text/javascript' src=''>

You’ll see the scripts.

Don’t know why that would be loaded there. My guess would be either a WordPress plugin is messing up or a plugin is trying to push javascript to the footer and is adding the wrong javascript as that shouldn’t be loaded on the home page (I think those are scripts used by the WordPress admin section). Maybe a WordPress plugin that’s trying to add admin features to your site while you are logged in, but it’s not working correctly: if it is that type of plugin they should have limited the loading of those scripts to only the logged in admin (your visitors don’t need it as they can’t use it and it will have an impact on loading times).


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