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Morning Dave.

Apologies for asking you this but I’m at a loss as to why this is happening.

I’m looking at moving some of sites from JustHost to HostGator because hostgator supports a couple of plugings better that JH (nothing to do with MPP).

I’ve constructed a site using Talian hosted on HostGator, site is When you access this site from the UK (or so it seems) the response time to load the sidebar widgets is awful (approx 15 - 20 seconds). Hostgator support say they are loading fine. I’ve a similar configuration at which is hosted at justhost. take a look at the response time for that site, it’s fast. hostgator told me to use a tool called pingplotter freeware which I’ve done and it show the round trip response time for both sites as 173ms BUT it doesn’t alter the fact that the sidebar widgets are really slow to load.

I’m testing another site at Hostgator called which uses a different theme and that seems ok but I want to use talian.

I’m at a loss as to what to do next so any ideas would be gratefully received.

thanks in advance Dave.

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Hi Dave.

You kindly provided a multisite sitemap template for use with Talian on the MPP forum.

Do you have a SEO version of a sitemap that can be used on a