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Hmm, doesn’t sound like you’ve made this mistake, but the only things that comes to mind are you’ve selected Custom Banners and not added any banner images to the custom folder and/or you set the number of banners above 10 and there aren’t more than 10 banner images in the folder you’ve selected.

If you selected fun with 100 banners for example there would only be 10 banners available (unless you added 90 more) and 90% of the time you’d get a blank space for the banner image area.

Each folder except the custom folder contains 10 example banner images, (custom has no images, it’s there for your images) this means you could add say 20 more banners to the /fun/ folder naming the 20 extra images with the same format as the other default 10 images and then set the number of banners to 30 and it would randomly choose one of the 30 banners each load.

If it’s not this point me to the site and I’ll take a look (I checked the URL in your comment author name, but it didn’t load).


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Use the widgets menu under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” to ONLY add the sidebar items (widgets) you want on the two sidebars.


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I’ve pasted the URLs below each description above, copy and paste into a browser.

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I’ve not fallen so foul of the AdSense TOS to have