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Your sites suffering from a combination of Public Service ads and not showing ads on all AdSense ad blocks.

This is usually caused by a combination of it being a new site to AdSense and the content not being of the type that AdSense advertisers want to pay decent money for.

For this first part of the problem it’s waiting for The AdSense spider to spider all your content and decide what ads to show.

Second problem nothing you can do about it if your content doesn’t generate a lot of advertisers beyond changing your content.

If you find this problem doesn’t sort itself out in a few weeks (gives AdSense plenty of time to spider and decide what ads to show) consider reducing the number of ad blocks so those that are left are more likely to be filled with ads.

You can remove ad blocks via the adsense.php file (instructions within and I’ve mentioned it in other comments). I would suggest starting with the search type ads followed by the bottom content ad unit so the sidebar ad is more likely to show ads.

The search box you see on your yoga site is generated automatically by AdSense (you have no control). You tend to get that type of format when the AdSense bot hasn’t decided what ads to show or there’s no advertisers wanting clicks from your content (another symptom of the issue mentioned above).

If a sites visited on a regular basis it should fix itself within a couple of weeks IF there are advertisers willing to pay for ads. If there aren’t advertisers willing to pay you won’t get ads. Yoga seems like the sort of content that should have advertisers so I’d expect this to be a temporary issue. You could always look for a few sites that are in that niche who have AdSense ads (check yoga sites until you find some with AdSense on them) to see if they have a variety of ads, if they have the same problem you know time won’t fix this.

I have classic literature sites with AWFUL AdSense coverage! Lucky to get 10 cents a click, most ads are of the type where the advertisers wants any traffic for cheap, so the CTR is really low as well.


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