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I’ve attached the Talian 05 zip file to an email to you with this information. No idea what you’ve done wrong (like I said one tiny mistake, remove a comma, add a space in the wrong place and it breaks).

Unzip the file and upload the Talian folder over your current Talian folder online via FTP. This will cancel out all your template file edits and as long as it’s not an option you’ve set wrong fix the problem. You can then start again from scratch.

This is how I’d make the changes if I was you.

Create a new folder on your Desktop called /adsenseedits/ and copy the adsense.php file in that folder. You make a copy so if you make a mistake you can’t work out how to fix you can always upload the original file and start again.

Load the copied adsense.php file into a text editor like Notepad (don’t use a program like MS Word, it will break the file, it must be a basic text editor).

Make one change at a time as follows:

At the bottom of the adsense.php file find:

/* Single blog posts ad below the Comment area. */
$SingleAdLink = array(29,1,0,0,4);

Change to

/* Single blog posts ad below the Comment area. */
$SingleAdLink = array(29,1,1,0,4);

Save the file and using an FTP program like Filezilla (it’s free and what I use) upload the adsense.php file to the folder /wp-content/themes/talian-adsense-clickbank-seo-05/ so it over writes the current adsense.php file.

The above change will turn of the search AdSense ad unit below comments on blog Posts. Load a post and see if it worked.

Use the same procedure for the clickbank.php file and you’ll be able to disable any one or more of the ad units.

Although you can make these changes in the built in WordPress template editor there’s no undo feature and when you save a change the page reloads and you aren’t even on the same line you made the edit on: much easier to loose your way. The above procedure is slower, but less prone to mistakes. Take your time, one edit at a time, as you’ve found rushing and making multiple changes in one go is very easy to get lost and can waste hours on a simple mistake like deleting a , or adding a space.

Next update this should be part of the admin menu. If you can wait a month for me to code and test it, this will be achievable through the Talian admin menu with tick boxes. I plan to have all the search AdSense ad units except the widget ones turned off by default, they perform poorly on most sites.

LMK if you have any more problems.

BTW Would be helpful to know the domain you are working on so I can view source to look for obvious mistakes. The site linked to your author name doesn’t even have WordPress installed.


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