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#1 I want to put Adsense ad + Clickbank both on the right side of the page

There’s settings on the Talian admin page for selecting left/right for floating the ads in the main content. If you mean on the right sidebar that’s covered via widgets.

Under Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets.

Drag which ever ad widget (AdSense/Clickbank) you want on the right menu to sidebar 2. When you ad a widget you have to build that sidebar from scratch, so drag everything you want to that sidebar (this is also part of the answer to #3 below).

#2 I dont want to have the main clickbank add in the middle of my site… it looks clumsy

Any ad can be disabled by editing the clickbank.php file. You find the code for the ad in that file and change a 0 to a 1. Instructions in the file.

If it’s this ad you see on the home page

$MainBottomcb = array(1,2,0,0); # Index page

Change to

$MainBottomcb = array(1,2,1,0); # Index page

That will disable it. Repeat for any other ads you want to hide. You can do the same with the adsense.php file

In the next update of Talian plan to have an option for this in the Talian admin menu.

#3 I want to have all categories on the left side. That is Links, Meta, Categories,Recent Comments etc.

See the widgets info above, drag the widgets to whichever sidebar you want them on.

#4 I want to be able to controle the top banner more, that is be able to controle where the page tabs are

You mean the navigation menu? There’s a setting in the admin menu where you can exclude specific pages, see the readme files for details. In the next Talian update you have the option of excluding a list of pages or including a list of pages (currently just exclude).

#5 I want to be able to have a clean website, that is the starting page has just one post, and you have to click on the page (in the banner or on the side) to go to posts

You can have WordPress use a particular page for the home page, it’s under

Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading

Where you can select a static page as the front Page. You create a new static Page (not a Post) and that will be your home page. It’s best to exclude this page from the navigation menu as it will mean you have two home page links. You either turn the link to home off or exclude the page you are using as front page (it’s explained in the readme files).

That should solve all the problems.


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