Comment posted to WordPress SEO Theme Talian 05 with AdSense/Clickbank Ads by Kristjan.

Hi there
Im having trouble with the theme.

#1 I want to put Adsense ad + Clickbank both on the right side of the page
#2 I dont want to have the main clickbank add in the middle of my site… it looks clumsy
#3 I want to have all categories on the left side. That is Links, Meta, Categories,Recent Comments etc.
#4 I want to be able to controle the top banner more, that is be able to controle where the page tabs are
#5 I want to be able to have a clean website, that is the starting page has just one post, and you have to click on the page (in the banner or on the side) to go to posts

I really apprecieted if you could help me on this.
Im to afraid to touch the html of the theme