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New Talian 05 WordPress SEO Theme Features Planned.

After reviewing two WordPress SEO plugins (Yoast’s SEO Plugin and the All In One SEO Pack Plugin) and finding I’d recommend neither of them I’ve been inspired to add new features that those SEO plugins try (but fail) to offer into Talian 05.

I’ve explained the main new SEO feature I want to add to Talian 05 at Basically currently the two main ways WordPress SEO plugins try to sculpt link benefit/PR is nofollow and noindex and both of them are seriously flawed SEO wise (explained in the page above why). As I looked at those plugins I had a Eureka moment and realised a way to protect link benefit without deleting link benefit (like nofollow does) or preventing it generating SERPs for noindex pages (like noindex does).

Not figured out how to code it into Talian yet, but confident I’ll get it working (no pressure then :-) ).

The Yoast plugin and another SEO plugin called SEO Ultimate (I plan to review more SEO plugins) have a lot of extra features that though not strictly SEO features are useful: like I’ve added the ability to easily add your Google analytics code to Talian via the Talian admin page, not exactly a killer SEO feature, but useful all the same. So I plan to steal these good ideas and add them to Talian 05 at theme level.

No promises on a release date as I like to fully test important SEO features before releasing them to customers. The noindex/nofollow replacement needs some serious testing before release, would hate to accidentally release something that damages your sites SEO!!!

I wouldn’t normally be this cryptic about what I plan to do, but if I was an author of a popular SEO plugin I’d incorporate this into a SEO plugin as an alternative to nofollow/noindex. I’m also working on getting my eldest son (computer programmer) to create an SEO plugin with this new feature for those not using Talian 05.

Note: you shouldn’t use plugins that add nofollow links to your internal pages. Nofollow links are anti-SEO, they delete link benefit.

David Law

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