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Talian theme was just emailed to you.

Pretty easy to change the code to links like I did here, (removed the banner code and added three links).

If you are looking to replace the banner with a single linked image that’s relatively easy to do.

Load the landscape-images.php in a text editor and replace some of the code with your banners code.

If that’s not what you want to do, to incorporate the current banner code into a link isn’t so easy because the banner images aren’t actually part of the HTML code, they are served via CSS so they aren’t indexed by Google etc…

You’d either have to add a text link where the banner is and use CSS code to use the banner images as the backing of the link (seen it done on sites, but never used the technique myself).

Or convert the banner image code from CSS based to HTML based so you can add a link around the banners. Problem with this is it will result in all the random banner images being indexed by search engines (not ideal).


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