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Regarding Bing, Yahoo and other search engines I have to admit I’ve stopped worrying about them because getting it right with Google can be on such a knife edge it’s not worth doing something that only works for a less important search engine.

That being said I find my sites tend to do well in the major search engines anyway, but then I know how to write SEO content and that SEO content works for all search engines (some better than others).

My recipe site for example is number 1 in Bing for Free Recipes, (about 8th in but the traffic from Bing is piss poor! For that main SERP that site does better in Bing than Google, but look at the traffic below!!!

My recipe sites search engine traffic for this month (less than 5 days data).

- Google 9082
- Yahoo! 353
- Microsoft Bing 296
- AOL 111
- Unknown search engines 89
- Ask 74
- MyWebSearch 11
- Earth Link 4
- AT&T search (powered by Google) 2
- Rambler 2
- Others 6

To the Unlottery SERP :-)

Comparing your site to the page that’s ranked number 1 in Google and Bing, the other page is better optimised.

The other page uses the term Unlottery a lot more times than your site (almost twice as often).

You have Unlottery used three times as anchor text, with two of those times a link to the page you are on (the Unlottery article). The other site has Unlottery as anchor text five times with four of the Unlottery links to the same page (they all count and anchor text counts more than standard body text).

You have no images related to Unlottery, the only image on the page lacks alt text! The other page has two images, both are image links (so links to larger images) with four images associated with those two links with the file name unlottery.png for all four images (two are thumbnails). The folder structure for the image location is awful and they have no alt text, but the image filename is perfect SEO wise (you can’t improve on unlottery.png).

View source of this Talian page and note how I build my image links. The filenames are optimised, the folders the images are stored in are optimised, the alt text is optimised, everything is optimised (I don’t use WordPress to upload images, I do them manually via FTP for complete control).

The author of the other site also got his article online a couple of days before you, not a major factor long term, but short term important.

The other site is better linked as shown by the higher PR of the home page as well, that sites going to be ‘trusted’ more than yours, so you have to make sure you get all the on page SEO right.

So though your page is quite well optimised, it could be improved quite a bit with more use of the search term, there is no such thing as over use of a search phrase as long as it reads fine: if you can get away with Unlottery, Unlottery, Unlottery, Unlottery, Unlottery, Unlottery and it reads OK you should use it.

Using a search phrase as anchor text and alt text is very important, far more important than as basic text. Ideally you’d link to other pages about Unlottery **, but as you’ve seen with the Talian page a link to images can have both alt and anchor text, note the anchor text “Click for large screenshot of AdSense theme” associated with the images that link to bigger images. Because this page is well commented and I use the SEO Comments plugin (edited to work with Talian 05, you have a copy that came with the Talian 05 zip file) every reasonable size comment has two sets of anchor text using the title of this post. One of the links goes to the comment on this page and the other to the comment page (link is at the bottom of this comment for example) created by the SEO Comments plugin **this fulfills our need for links from this page using relevant keywords as anchor text (and the single page comment links back to this page with anchor text of the title of the post adding relevant backlinks).

Remember Talian is an SEO optimised theme, it can not optimise the actual content though. Talian takes your SEO and improves on it, but if you don’t add the SEO content in the first place there’s nothing to work with. What’s particularly important is the title of posts because the title is used in so many areas of the theme. Looking through the posts on your home page most of your titles are very good SEO wise.

Now look at adding phrases and related phrases as much as you can in the content and don’t be afraid to use headers like H2, H3, H4 and even strong, I’ve deliberately not used these within the post template pages so we can add relevant content in the posts and mix the SEO up a bit.

As mentioned above images with optimised filenames and folder structure, optimised anchor text and even anchor text if you link the image to something.

BTW I would not use the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, it’s stealing a link from your pages and lacks the SEO formatting I’ve added to the related posts plugin I use and recommend.


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