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This latest update of your SEO theme really rocks.
Thank you very much. I am putting it on my sites now.
Design -Easy to use interface to change the style and look of your website -I use my own rotating banners I create. -Why pay big money for a webdesigner when you can use a theme like this and change the images and color scheme with a simple click. The biggest mistake is to pay for webdesign and forget about SEO. This theme lets you change design colors and images to your liking.
Ads -Super Advert flexibility -I like this Clickbank integration as well as adsense flexibility.
SEO - I have used WordPress now for about five years and the code is really well written on this theme as I poke around.

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AdSense Income
Further, if you have a winner in terms of a Political site maybe if it builds, use volunteers as moderators, some forums and social networking sites do this.

Or I live

AdSense Income
I agree, do not build sites for Adsense, build sites you are interested in and you do not mind sitting on and developing.

One idea Template creator is - when the

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Google privacy policy is something I have implemented with a WP plugin.

However, would you ever consider having this build into your theme. Maybe there is not need as you can

Clickbank Ready WordPress Theme
Here is another idea for your theme. Maybe a 403 -forbidden option in your theme that relates to the wp-admin page? Why? A hacked blog is a lost blog

Clickbank Ready WordPress Theme
I think that is a very good idea. Clickbank and Adsense templates all-in-one for WordPress is ideal. Nothing like it on the web, not only for the Clickbank option

Clickbank Ready WordPress Theme
AdSense ads vs Clickbank ads is not only a great topic but practical. One advantage of using Clickbank is many Google ads are blocked by a Firefox plugin called