Comment posted to WordPress SEO Theme Talian 05 with AdSense/Clickbank Ads by Dana Bincer.

Regarding the Banner landscape images: I have uploaded an image and opted to have just one. It’s working great.

My husband is asking about SEO value and the image name. He was expecting there to be some php magic that would name the image whatever the H1 is on each page. So, on the page he was expecting the image to be named “droid-battery-life-video.jpg”. And likewise on the page he was expecting the image to magically be called “about.jpg”.

He’s currently using a custom CMS at his place of employment that does magically rename images. So he’s pulling from that experience. I have no experience with this kind of magic. Is it even possible within WordPress?

He also inquired about the alt tag for the image. Not sure if there’s a way to program that, as well. Perhaps in the landscape-images.php file?