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The images not wrapping text around them correctly I wrongly believed was an error in customising the theme. Realised after looking at your about page for the alignment to work it needs CSS classes added to the CSS stylesheet.

Felt sure the alignment code used to be inline CSS so it would work with any theme, WordPress development must have changed it forcing theme developers to add the code to their CSS files. Should be very easy to fix, so will post a solution soon.

The All In One SEO Plugin question is an easy one :-) You can create a custom meta description with the Talian theme without the need for any plugins (I believe Talian with AdSense/SEO is the only WordPress theme you can do this).

When you create or edit a post there’s an Excerpt form on the page. I’ve setup the Talian theme so it uses the excerpt for the meta description, followed by the sites tag line (if you have one).

The page you are on now for example I’ve set a Excerpt of:

Talian is a very popular Premium WordPress theme including AdSense Ready and Search Engine Optimization coding.

And since the tag line for this site is:

AdSense templates and themes for WordPress and Blogspot blogs

We get a meta description for this page of:

Talian is a very popular Premium WordPress theme including AdSense Ready and Search Engine Optimization coding. , AdSense templates and themes for WordPress and Blogspot blogs

View source and you can see it.

If you don’t set an excerpt with Talian an automated snippet of the post is used, the first X number of characters of the post.

Since meta tags are all but irrelevant SEO wise (they don’t increase rankings) I have one page where I’ve gone to the trouble of creating a customised excerpt (this page as an example).

There’s no option to create a custom keywords meta tag with this theme, no major search engine uses the keywords meta tag for anything important, (the meta keywords tag was so abused in a blackhat SEO way they now ignore it) so it’s a waste of time creating custom keyword meta tags. If only I used this theme I’d not even include it, but as customers expect it, I’ve copied the title of a post for the meta keywords tag (waste of space though).


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