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Not sure why your images aren’t centering, I never use the built in image upload feature within WordPress as I like full control over everything (also in early WordPress 2.* it was broken and didn’t add linked images correctly, didn’t add the end A tag!).

It’s highly unlikely to be the Talian theme per se, though maybe you’ve added an error during the customisations (easy to do, made the same mistake myself :-) ).

Take a look at the validation errors at

I’d first look at

Line 468, Column 6: end tag for element “div” which is not open

As you shouldn’t have mismatched div’s: you’ve either added an extra opening div or deleted one by mistake and it could override the built in centering if the mixed up div layout is text-align left.

When I looked at your code I saw the nofollow attribute added to your category and tag links, this is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad SEO wise.

I see you use All in One SEO Pack plugin which I understand has the option to nofollow archives, categories, tags etc… this is so bad for SEO reasons it should not be a feature of an SEO plugin (I advise anyone reading this not to use that plugin if you use my Talian theme, it adds no SEO value to your site)!!!

I can not over emphasise how bad this is for your site, every nofollow link is treated by Google as a real link, but the link benefit that would normally go to the page the link is pointed to (in this case one of your pages) is deleted! What this means is if you have tags on every post you are throwing away a significant amount of your hard work in gaining backlinks to your site.

I counted 25 nofollow links on that page, you are probably throwing away 25%-50% of your hard earned link benefit away by using the All in One SEO Pack plugin!

BTW it’s a good idea to keep your version of WordPress up to day, 2.8.4 is a bit out of date and could have vulnerabilities. My eldest son never bothered to update his WordPress blogs (version 2.7.*) and they were hacked! WordPress 2.9.2 is the current stable release, so there’s quite a few upgrades since 2.8.4, also the image problem could be an old bug in 2.8.4 and maybe an upgrade will fix it: like I said the image feature used to have some major bugs in the earlier 2.* releases (I never used it for that reason, so no idea how it works now).


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