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Are you sure you are editing the right adsense.php file?

There’s a second one under the /alt-files/ directory that is an example of smaller ad sizes, for customers who don’t want the large ad sizes.

If you’ve edited that file and not moved it to the main folder it will do nothing.

When I view source of your site I see my Google AdSense publisher ID ending 67078, so if you changed the publisher ID to yours (as you have to to get the AdSense revenue) it pretty much confirms you are editing the wrong file (are you editing online in the WordPress editor?).

I always advise editing the adsense.php file offline on your PC in a text editor like Notepad so it’s less likely to make a mistake (or edit both of them to be sure).

BTW when I said 4 numbers I meant 29, was one number not two (it’s 29 not 2 and 9).

If you made the changes you listed above to the right adsense.php file it would have an effect on the ads.

At the top of the right adsense.php file it says:

Talian Google AdSense Code

The alternate adsense.php file says:

Talian Google AdSense Code Alt

The file under the directory /talian-adsense-seo-04/alt-files/ only works if you move it to /talian-adsense-seo-04/ copying it over the other adsense.php file.

I’ve had a few customers make this mistake so in the next update I won’t be including an extra adsense.php file with smaller ad sizes (was meant to be for convenience for trying out a different ad size quickly).


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