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Thanks for the detailed explanation. It’s still not working for me. I see how easy it should be. After reading your comment, the adsesnse.php file makes a lot of sense. However, nothing seems to be working. I only have 4 digits in my theme…not 5. Regardless, I have changed the 3rd number because that’s what the directions in the adsense.php file say.

I changed the code to the following:
#Single blog posts ad below the Comment area.
$SingleAdLink = array(29,1,1,0);

Actually, I also put a 1 in the adsense line that you say is your biggest ad - the one in the content. It’s still showing up as well.
Here’s what I’ve changed:
$FirstAd = array(8,2,1,0);

Changing the third digit doesn’t seem to have an effect on the ads.

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