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I was thinking the exact same things about MU. Why /blog/? I was thinking of writing WP development as its still in beta1 but have not time.

If you do not want to go MU you can BuddyPress without MU, just the SU install. Therefore, users can have messaging features etc without the ability to create their own blogs, rather just profiles.

There is also a plug-in called Mingle.It is simpler but It also makes a site a community site.

Community sites are the ultimate dream, but they will only work with some ideas. :) To get people to sign up and fill out a registration often a disincentive.

Your UK Election site is a stellar. It even out ranks the BBC!I will be looking forward when you have ‘election results’ pages maybe even with some maps of the UK, or projected results pages.

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Further, if you have a winner in terms of a Political site maybe if it builds, use volunteers as moderators, some forums and social networking sites do this.

Or I live

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I agree, do not build sites for Adsense, build sites you are interested in and you do not mind sitting on and developing.

One idea Template creator is - when the

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Google privacy policy is something I have implemented with a WP plugin.

However, would you ever consider having this build into your theme. Maybe there is not need as you can

Clickbank Ready WordPress Theme
Here is another idea for your theme. Maybe a 403 -forbidden option in your theme that relates to the wp-admin page? Why? A hacked blog is a lost blog

Clickbank Ready WordPress Theme
I think that is a very good idea. Clickbank and Adsense templates all-in-one for WordPress is ideal. Nothing like it on the web, not only for the Clickbank option

Clickbank Ready WordPress Theme
AdSense ads vs Clickbank ads is not only a great topic but practical. One advantage of using Clickbank is many Google ads are blocked by a Firefox plugin called

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