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That’s a major SEO feature of the WordPress themes I sell.

If you’ve done a little bit of SEO research you’ll probably understand H1 is important SEO wise and it should ideally be used once on a page and include the main SERPs for that page ONLY (not main SERPs for the site, but the SERPs for the page you are on).

So this page we are on now should have a H1 header that says something about Talian, SEO, WordPress Themes, AdSense… as those are the main SERPs.

If you view source of this page you’ll find the H1 header (only one of them) is the title of the post. This is true of every blog post and blog page for all my SEO themes, so as long as you include your keywords in the title of a page/post it’s added to the H1 header.

This is generally not true of other WordPress themes (there’s the odd one or two now that do this as well, but they are very rare).

However, since the name of a blog is usually the SERPs the home page of the blog is aimed at, you still want the name of the blog as a H1 header on the home page. If you view source of the home page of (which uses a standard WordPress archived home page, latest 10 posts, the Google AdSense home page uses a WordPress feature that takes a WordPress Static Page as the home page) you will find the name of the blog is within a H1 header. This is also true of monthly archive pages if you use them with Talian with SEO/AdSense theme (I never use monthly archives for SEO reasons).

Since you only want one H1 header with your main keywords for that page only, the usual WordPress theme design with the name of the blog as a H1 header on every page and post names in H2 is a bad SEO design (Talian was originally designed this way).

With a bit of complex WordPress theme coding and CSS you can achieve what you see with version 04 of Talian. One H1 header per page, with all themes on this site the H1 header is:

Home page - name of blog
Monthly archive pages - name of blog
Category - name of category
Tags - name of tag
Search - search query
Page - title of page
Post - title of post

The only way to improve this would be to remove the H1 header from the theme for Page and Posts and manually add a custom H1 header on all pages and posts, but the idea of using a CMS like WordPress is to automate as much as possible. Talian 04 is the best SEO setup you can get in an automated way.

On most WordPress themes the H1 is

Home page - name of blog
Monthly archive pages - name of blog
Category - name of blog
Tags - name of blog
Search - name of blog
Page - name of blog
Post - name of blog

With the real SERPs in a H2 (if you are lucky) for most page types, which is not good SEO wise.

BTW Good SEO question, it’s a shame WordPress development (the themes shipped with WordPress have the H1 issue) and WordPress theme creators don’t ask these questions. That being said if everyone knew what I know and used that info there would be no need for my SEO themes :-)


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