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Another Talian theme customer reported the same problem with a site that didn’t have much content on it.

What’s happening is Google AdSense is not finding any paying advertisers for the page so showing the charity ads (public service ads). I didn’t realise this until recently, but it appears they will only show one ad on a page where they show the public service ads (so the rest are blank).

You’ll note it’s that floating content ad that’s showing an ad, that’s because code wise it’s the first ad loaded when a page loads.

I really should come up with something so we can have an easy use alternative ad rather than public ads. Maybe a link to the home page of the site or even a blank page or interesting image.

BTW I have some non PC jokes pages with the same issue, or did have until Google AdSense banned my jokes site from the AdSense program. Using Clicksor on it now and not making as much money, from AdSense the site made ~$260 from AdSense in the first 18 days of November, first 18 days of Feb (very similar level of traffic) the sites made ~$210, but I’ve had to make it look more spammy with pop unders (most money from pop unders!). If it wasn’t for pop up blockers the site would be making more money via Clicksor as only about a 1/3 of impressions are allowing a pop under.

Forgot to include Chitika revenue from the site (running those ads as well) which adds $24 more, so not that far of AdSense after all.


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WordPress 3 Theme Blix with Targeted AdSense and SEO Optimization
It wasn’t easy to change the Blix colour scheme, which is why I’ve only created the Blue Blix version and a Red one I didn’t finish.

So it’s not easy.


WordPress 3 Theme Blix with Targeted AdSense and SEO Optimization
This version of Blix works fine with WordPress 3.0 and WordPress 3.01 (been tested, no issues found).

I’d not got around to updating the sales pages :-)


Free Blogspot SEO/AdSense Template Rounders 2
You’ve managed to add a couple of carriage returns to the Blogspot templates code from the looks of things.

Find this code:

<MainOrArchivePage><h1 id=”blog-title”></MainOrArchivePage><ItemPage><span id=”blog-title”><a href=”<$BlogURL$>”></ItemPage><$BlogTitle$><ItemPage></a></span></ItemPage><MainOrArchivePage></h1></MainOrArchivePage>

And make sure it’s all in one

WordPress Meta Tags Optimization
Google meta tags help would be here right:

Note: Google does not list the keywords meta tag as one they use.

The only meta tags that’s got any value that might get

Free Blogspot SEO/AdSense Template Rounders 2
This Blogspot template uses the classic template structure, so to use it you have to revert back to the classic template structure under Layout.

I thought I’d explained this above, but

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AdSense can make a lot of money from one domain if that domain does well.

I’ve mentioned my politics site a few times on my sites in a negative light

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